On this page you will find an overview of all the commercial releases by Oddiction that are currently available. The page will be updated frequently with fresh, new releases. Check the release preview playlist in the SoundCloud player below. You can also follow the Oddiction Gumroad page to receive updates of new releases.

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EMF, Glitch, Lofi, SFX, Source Sounds
EMF, Glitch, Lofi, SFX, Source Sounds
EMF, Glitch, Lofi, SFX, Source Sounds

Glitch, SFX, Source Sounds
Ambient, Lofi
Ambient, EDM, IDM, SFX, Source Sounds
Hip-Hop, Rap
Glitch, SFX, Source Sounds
Techno, EDM, Granular Textures, Ambient


Dark Ambient, IDM, Cinematic
kiloHearts PhasePlant

Ambient, Cinematic, Synthwave
Europa by Reason Studios
Electronic, Synthwave
Rob Papen Vecto / Vecto-RE

Ambient, Cinematic, Dark Ambient
Unfiltered Audio LION
EBM, Extreme EDM, Industrial, Uptempo, Speedcore
Rob Papen RAW-Kick
Electronic, EDM
Rob Papen Go2

Electronic, EDM
Rob Papen B.I.T.


BUNDLE: Currents + Zel’dovich – EMF / Glitch
BUNDLE: GlitchOpus01 + /FÔLT/ – EMF / Glitch

MASCHINE expansion

Hip-Hop, Trap
Native Instruments Maschine


Ambient / IDM / Electronic
sonicLAB Fundamental